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"How I got a hit eBook idea and made millions."

        Most people don't realize you can make millions writing a best-selling ebook.  My name is Noelani Rodriguez, and I recently reached the $1M dollar mark in ebook sales online My e-commerce experience with Fortune 500 companies such as and Compaq helped me create a million dollars in ebook sales. I've also sold ebooks and lectured about them for 14 years. Now I want to pass my information about the ebook business on to you.

eBooks are unique because they let you:

  • Work Once and Get Paid Over and Over – say goodbye to your day job with a successful ebook! Free up time to do the things you love most, including sports, vacations, family and creative pursuits. With a hit ebook you can not work for months or even years. Remember ebooks are a magic product that sell and ship themselves. Let them do the work so you don't have to...

  •  Make Yourself Famous – Your ebook can catch the eye of publishers and Hollywood directors every day -- the movie "Legally Blonde" started out as an ebook, so did many hit book deals for my clients!

  •  Financial Freedom – I have many stories of people that are financially free because of ebooks, and I want to share them with you.

  • Start Making Income in Minutes – Once you have an ebook or online report to sell (you can even sell someone else's book if you don't want to write one), it only takes minutes to create online ads and start making income.

  • I have a simple and complete four step system that has helped me reach my million-selling mark with ebooks. I summarize these steps to ebook success as the “Four T's”, which I would like to show you:

    1. TARGET YOUR TOPIC: Did you know that you can find out if your ebook is going to be a hit before you start? Did you know that you can see which book topics people are searching for online? I'll show you how to maximize your sales potential.

    2. TITLE YOUR BOOK: In this day of keywords, tagging, and search algorithms online, the perfect title unlocks a whole new world of potential.  I will show you how to chisel your title into an stunning, effective identity for your book.

    3. TYPE YOUR BOOK: Penning a book is a thing of the past.  I will show you the powerful tools to help you realize that “big idea” in no time into a readable PDF format.

    4. TAKE IT TO MARKET: With my years of experience and proven track record in Online Sales, I can coach you into becoming a marketing force with how-to instructions for Google Adwords for instant Online Advertising, Paypal for quick credit card acceptance, Adobe Acrobat for PDF creation, and all the tools you need to start selling your hit ebook now.

    With my complete and simple 4 step system, I can help you publish your “big idea” into a true success. With an inexpensive downloadable book, Write a Best Selling ebook, I give you not only my system-- but all my advertising strategies and e-commerce secrets that I  know will make you successful.  I won't just tell you how to be successful, I show you with practical how-to steps and illustrations of how to do Google Adwords to advertise, Paypal to collect credit card payments, and so much more. This is what I tell you about in my 90 page, 81/2 x 11 book:

  • How to choose the right topic that will create your best-seller

  • How to create your ebook in PDF, along with copyrights, passwords and security

  • How to find the keywords that thousands of people are typing to get to you and your book topic.

  • How to set up a masterful Google Adwords advertising campaign, and write ads like a professional.

  • Accept credit cards in 5 minutes with Paypal.

  • How to advertise online, create killer marketing pages and retire early.

  • How to accept credit cards in 5 minutes with Paypal.

  • How to advertise online, create killer marketing pages and retire early.

Your big idea won't publish itself. With the just the right ebook idea, your creativity could earn millions, even as you do other things.  Fulfill your dreams of a financially free lifestyle and take the first step today. Download Write a Best Selling ebook now.  


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